Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life, Outlines and Ideas

Over the course of an hour or so, I went into kinesthetic mode and now I'm back after running around, driving my mom female roommate to work, running some errands for her and myself and I've just finished reading Dame Devon's post. Whew, I'll have to do some serious medictating and playing with what's popping in my head.

It's huge, for me anyway. Near the end Dame Devon writes,

"Whatever works, works. The important thing is to use whatever tool you need to keep WRITING."

I needed to read that. Thank you Dame Devon.

I'm starting to believe writing just might be more than a novel outline for me.

Ideas about 'the novel' also inform our life. This is paraphrased, with my own thoughts tossed in, from the Literary Dictionary.

Novels offer permission to pursue a fuller, subtler development of characters and themes having no established minimum or maximum length, making them long enough to justify themselves. Sounds like birth, death and all the stuff we do in between the two to me.

The ability to distinguish novels by their structure (give me a label so I know what to call myself) and the incorporation of a "greater degree of realism" is expected of it. Hello, be practical, believable but seriously is life practical? Really?

However I disagree with the precept that it is inappropriate to associate a novel with romanticism, because I believe romanticism is based on choosing a specific perception, you know like wearing rose-colored glasses.

The novel is an amalgamation incorporating ideas from multiple characters, creating changes in those ideas and within thoughts, within actions all within social relationships.

Novels are arranged around a course of narrated events. Might that be societies insistence on certain customs and mores?

Anyway these are only some of my thoughts in a rambling format.

I lifted some of the general verbiage from Answers and their nicely consolidated answers to the word 'novel'. I'm certain I'm nowhere near the first nor will I be the last to start connecting these particular dots.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share about 'our novel lives our outlines and our ideas'?

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