Sunday, February 26, 2006

Soulmates and Relationships

Soulmates and Relationships

As stated, previously, I am single and passively looking.

I've just begun reading, "Find Your Perfect Life Partner" by Sasha LeBaron. (Click the title to find out more.) The very first thing that grabs my attention is in Chapter 1 when the author says, "You are always attracting results into your life." Which then leads him to the statement, "...because like attracts like, you will bring in those who are at your current level of mental, emotional and spiritual development."

OK so, I didn't generally go in for power statements like the above, but I have also been reading another wonderful book about creating an awareness of my thoughts and the resulting actions based on those thoughts, which is showing real promise in other areas of my life. So of course my first thought was, "Now, I understand why I am not seeking a relationship." I realize energy peaks and declines and I happen to be in an energy decline. While, I would not label this a negative state by any means, I am certainly not attracting. Let's call it the state of repelling. If the prior statement is true, then I would be repelling any mutually healthy, loving relationships from my life.

Sasha also proposes another choice, which is to lower the expectations and take whatever comes along.

Wait, sorry, what?! That goes against every thing I hold in my heart and soul. So I shall remain single a little while longer, at least until I have completed my catharsis.

At least I have something to keep my grandmother speechless a little longer.

Oh yeah you can check out the other book I mentioned by clicking below.

It may not be about soulmates and relationships, but it sure is making me happy.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Soul Mates and Love Relationships or Singlehood


This blog was created as a means to openly discuss conventional and unconventional love relationships and stigmas related to those relationships. It is about finding and connecting with a soulmate. Or staying happy in singlehood. It is also a means to explore many of my own life circumstances. I know I am not alone, but I sure am single.

Yes, I am almost 30 something (a proper southern belle, never tells her real age) and facing singlehood. I am outside the couple now. I am the last remaining hen in the henhouse. My best friend just celebrated her One Year Anniversary. She cemented my singlehood. All of my friends are now happily coupled, with and/or without children.

I am the third wheel.

I know it's bad when my grandmother asks me if I am dating anyone and my answer makes her speechless. If you knew my grandmother, (which if you live where I grew up chances are about 99% that you know her), speechless is not a word used to describe her. She is ready for some great grandchildren. I am her first grandchild, so she expects me to reproduce.

Each of my coupled friends have provided some 'helpful hints' on how to get a partner. Each hint contains some nugget of how they met their own significant other. I have to ask myself am I now the group "charity case"? Will I soon be going out on pity dates, with the brothers, cousins, acquiantances and colleages of my friends or their significant others? Not if I can help it.

I have a plan and this blog will be my testing ground.

If you are unhappy being single and reading this I might be able to help.

If you are happy being single and following this you will find out what landmines to avoid - even with your mother, aunt, grandmother hounding you ...

- to get married or at least into a relationship (healthy or not for you at this
point in life)
- to have some grandchildren, nieces or great grandchildren for them to spoil
- to finally come out of the closet, because deep down they think that's why you
haven't done the previous two things yet

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