Friday, June 05, 2009

This Is a Picture I Didn't Take*

One chewed hole about the size of a babies fist in the lid of the super industrial rat poison that I've not been wanting to put out, you know because it would actually kill The Rat.

He/she chewed it's own hole in the lid of the bucket.

Ya'll, The Rat is committing harikari.

I am a little sad and just a little weirded out by it all.

*I didn't take the picture because I don't actually have a digital camera and obviously don't develop film on any sort of regular basis sooooo....


  1. I suppose that makes sense. I think they make it smell attractive so they'll take the bait, this one obviously couldn't wait for your to share it.

  2. I'm certainly not going to stop The Rat from eating it.

  3. Oh and the funnier/weirder thing the poison has been here for more than 4 months. It's also been in almost the exact same place the entire time. Now The Rat wants to eat through the lid to get at it? hmmmmm


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