Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These Are My Spoons Full of Favorite Things Yeah

I've always loved Mary Poppins, the soundtrack. I still have it floating around my house on LP (that's a long playing record for ya'll youngin's).

No, I don't have it on CD or DVD because, well just because. Anyway, I love Mary Poppins but this song isn't from Mary Poppins. I just realized that. It's from the other movie I love, which I cannot think of right now and it reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins called, "Spoon full of Sugar".

I mean I would love a song about sugar seeing as how I'm a sugar/carb addict and I grew up in the south. Sugar goes in everything down here. Grits. Cornbread. Turnip Greens, seriously if you get the older Turnip Greens they are going to be bitter and require sugar. Hell, the famous, drink, Mint Juleps have sugar floating around in the bottom of the glass.

Okay what was I say. Yeah, the song from the movie I can't remember the name of right now that reminds me of Spoon Full of Sugar. It's where they are in the Austrian mountains.

Yeah I know you're thinking dang why doesn't she just google it? Because I don't want to, I'll lose my train of thought and then I'll start googling other things and I won't finish this post and that will be my procrastination pattern showing up and I'm doing my best to not give in to that. I do however keep losing the train of thought.

Okay, the song. My Favorite Things. That's the name of the song that reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins called a Spoon Full of Sugar. Still can't think of the title of the movie but I bet you know what it is. I bet you knew from before the forays down other mental trails.

Anyway, that's what I'm looking for, Some of my favorite things because then I won't feel so bad. Only I want to feel bad because it's what I'm feeling right now and in my half awake state of being this morning while I was trying to write down my dreams, I distinctly saw the two words, emotions and weight.

Then I realized my emotional health was and continues to effect my weight. When I feel bad, I eat or I don't eat. It depends on how bad I'm feeling. Either way, since this particular pattern has ensued, my pants have gotten tighter. Not good. No budget for new pants and I refuse to purchase any size higher than what I have right now.

I can't accept that I'm 'this big'. No I'm not telling you how big that is. It's bigger than I'm willing to accept and it's causing more consternation than I'd like.

So I'm looking for my favorite things, only I have so few of them. My favorite 'things'. I don't have lots of things. My favorite places, check. My favorite people, check. My favorite people writing my favorite blogs. Check. My dogs. Yes but no things. I'm thinking that song isn't really going to help me.

I need a Spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, in the most delightful way. Thank you Julie Andrews because how else would we get medicine down?

I need medicine and sugar and some favorite things or maybe I need to sit with this feeling bad and see what it's about. What it wants to share with me, show me.

If I keep writing, I'll procrastinate on that too so we are done. For now.

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