Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life Off Course or OF Course

Yesterday, talking about how Life Gets in the Way, I posited a theory. I thought it was an abstract, untested theory.

I posited the theory that life isn't really getting in the way, it's asking for our attention and asking us to use the very same energetic vibration when we are in flow, making connections, seeing the patterns, the details and loving it.

Yes you know that feeling when the world recedes and we are alone, invigorated, involved, caressing the essence of an idea in our desired format.

We or me because I can only really speak for myself, I literally tingle when I'm there because all the blocks disappear for a while, it's jut me and 'my thing' in that space.

I mentioned it was a drug, right, a legal, self contained drug. The theory I posited I really like that word posited, the theory was we are to take that feeling and move it to 'the life, that is getting in the way'.

This theory has been tested by many people, Havi is one, Jen Louden, Denise Hart, Mark Silver, every single child under 13 I know or have ever met and most of the ones I haven't, you - you've tested this theory haven't you? I realize I've been testing this theory for about one week now.

I would definitely say I'm a creative type, with an analytical mind. I write. I've struggled with the writing process since childhood. This struggle, my struggle with writing, I created it, so when I start to write and I get in the flow of writing and something interrupts me like 'life', I used to get upset and irritated and then lose the flow. I blamed 'life' for interrupting.

Only in being honest with myself, I've been choosing upset and irritation.

In the last week, I've noticed the irritation and upset when they show up. I've acknowledged them both, even told myself it was okay for them to be here.

It was only after I didn't shift over into the upset and irritation that I realized, all the times I had shifted into them was when I ultimately blocked the flow of writing and writing became a struggle, again. For weeks at a time. I would dread the process of beginning to write. It didn't matter what type of writing, journaling, dreams, ideas, notes, whatever, I didn't want to write anything.

When I'm stepping into the irritation and upset with the interruption, I struggle.

When I notice and acknowledge the upset and irritation, leave it and go be with 'life', I'm able to go back into the flow of writing and being creative. In many instances, if the break is short, I never leave or lose the flow.

As an added benefit, I'm finding joy in the break as well.

The writing, the idea, the plan, the creative work is no different when I return to it however I'm different. It's as if 'life getting in the way' opens me up to more information to better inform what I was doing before.

I'll keep testing this in other ways as well and let you know what I'm finding.

If you've been testing it, what are you finding is true for you?

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