Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny This . . . Barbershops and Libraries

Funny this, I'm at the library and twice already I've heard people exclaim - "How'd you do that?" and the person working with them, says just go to Google and type what you want here in the little search box and it will give you the results.

I then hear an "Oh, okay." And it sounds like they don't believe the speaker. It sounds like they think it's magic. So now I'm listening to the sounds coming from their computer stations and one of the women just did it and said, "wow, okay" under her breath or in her head, I don't know I can't see her, only hear her.

The other person is actually a couple and they are happily using what they've learned. I'm hearing their "oh this is so cool that it works" moments.

I'm typing this blog post with my headphones on and noticing how that feels to not be a part of their learning but hearing them learn none the less.

And a conversation I had a few months ago with a friend comes to mind. She's telling me about how one morning she
"woke up with an image of a 'website' that had the pix that were meaningful to me and that I could write about the things that were meaningful to me--of course, I hoped those things would be meaningful to others also."
As soon as she says it, I ask her if she wants a blog? She's never heard of a blog.

And I'm all seriously, you've never heard of a blog. Really, okay and I go on to explain blogs to her. Yes, she wants one and yes, I'm helping her it now and I'm learning more too.

Then this dream makes sense from last night. . .

Two old men sitting in a barbershop are patiently waiting to get haircuts. They are from the old school of barbershoping, show up, wait, converse with each other, enjoy the scene and gossip the way men gossip. (Because yes men gossip.)

These two men are in a barbershop owned and run by two young barbers. The young barbers set appointments for their clients, even have a receptionist and a lounge area. The two old men being from the old school of barbering have appear resigned to waiting. But they haven't set an appointment.

The receptionist asks them if they want to schedule a haircut. The two old men look at each other and say, "No, we'll wait."

The receptionist tries several times to set an appointment. The two old men say the same thing each time.

The young barbers check their appointments via their i-phone and seeing none scheduled, decide to go to lunch.

The receptionist tells the two old men the young barbers are going to lunch and asks again if they want to make an appointment. The two old men still refuse.

The receptionist is at a loss.

The two old men sit in the lounge, on the sofa in the barbershop and wait. And wait. And wait.

The curtains close and the lights dim.

No seriously in the dream, the curtain closes and the lights dim. Then every one is in line making sandwiches with Artesian breads and fresh veggies and processed meat. Uhm why is processed meat showing up in my dreams?

I wasn't sure where this dream was leading me when I had it this morning.

I'm still not totally certain but if I wait for certainty, I'll be waiting and waiting and waiting. Nope I'm not waiting for certainty.

Remember I'm in the library typing this because I didn't want to be at home typing it and I don't have a laptop, so the library is where I go.

The library offers computer literacy classes and I don't necessarily need the list of classes but I wonder, how does one become a teacher for one of those classes or propose a class?

I've got some books to check and I'm going to find out the answers.

Libraries rock.

Go to your local library.

Use everything your local library has to offer.


  1. Ah! Dreams!

    So I'm thinking . . . technology coach?

  2. I'm not pinning myself to one thing, but yeah technology coach is also being added to the mix.


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