Monday, February 16, 2009

Self Knowledge, Acceptance & Random Thoughts

Self Actualization and Acceptance

From an interview with Stephan Schwartz
"Changes in yourself will be reflected in changes in your world, as you make different choices, and the world around you sees you in the new light of those choices."
Mr. Schwartz is into the paranormal stuff and I was too in high school so when he talks about remote viewing I don't find it foreign. I did find it disconcerting when done unintentionally as it can be a "freak-out" experience, but I did not find it foreign.

Support When You Need It

This week in support group, the facilitator said and I'm not quoting this exactly,
"The soul that knows itself, can call anywhere home."
And I am certain had I read that in some book I would have been all gag me, ppfft, whatever, geesh and completely dismissed it. But when she said it, it stuck.

Plus it's further confirmation of something I've been asking about since I had a dream last summer about "going home this time next summer" and what exactly that means and could the universe please tell me if I'm going to DIE because it would be really, really helpful if I knew that, in advance thank you very much.

Yes I briefly wondered how I could use Remote Viewing to find out the answer to that question and then realized it really doesn't matter, it's a selfish desire because we are all going to die and not in a bad way, just in a natural course of all things way and that led me to. . .

Self Knowledge or Trying to Figure Out How to Make Money and not Just Be Somebodies Ho Employee

I could be this kind of enabler - a person who does not have a particular niche specialization but could have the broad technical / marketing knowledge to enable niche players to make more money. (That is totally a good enabler!). That was taken from Dave Navarro's analysis of Brian Clark's Teaching Sells and earlier today I read Sonia Simone's post talking about the very same course hmmm, . . . maybe I have that in skills I currently possess?

What might those skills be?

Hey, wait a minute, I'm actually talking about testing this out and still feeling "no way that is gross if I use a pen name" but what if I used it to send people to stuff I think is cool and know that it's helped me to solve certain problems and the people who own the stuff actually pays me to send them somehow.

It might some immediate cash and . . .

I've Seen This Pattern Before learning loads about just how deeply my patterns are enmeshed in my neural pathways and twice this week I've run into this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson -
"Do not say things. What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so I cannot hear what you say to the contrary."
Terry Heath said it on Monday and I read it again in "Your Erroneous Zones" by Wayne Dyer yesterday. Mostly I skimmed the book and pulled out that quote and three others that are helpful to me now. I still feel a disconnect between what I say and what I am though.

I'm not sure how this other quote fits in from page 120 of "YEZ" - ". . . this passion for reasons keeps you from opening up and growing. . .what freedom to know that you don't have to justify anything to anyone including yourself, ever again."

What does that look like in practice?

Then I got my chance to practice it and this is already a long post so I'll share that on Sunday.

Finally, Random Thought I Ponder

I actually pondered this scenario . . .

If my currently non-existent child ever asked mommy why she was crying as my currently non-existent Significant Other and I, are in a particularly non exposed hugging Kama Sudra pose what would I say?

I'd tell said child, " mommies really love hugs like this one and sometimes they make her cry because they are sooo good."

It is not a lie, mommies really do love those kinds of hugs. So do significant others.

So that's it for the week. I'll tell you about my Thursday on Sunday. I'm signing off now because a slightly too big for her bark dog is making her desire for food and attention well known.

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