Thursday, July 01, 2010

Notes and Changes

So I talked about all this anger I had and I never really thought about how much space it was taking up inside me or even how consistently everything I came in contact with seemed to bump up against it, trying to find a place to settle.

Now it's all, lots of it is sitting outside me.

Now, when I find myself angry and I do still find myself angry, I can discern more quickly the nature of the anger - did it brush/bump some sensitive esteem issues, what  belief is it rubbing the wrong way, did it shove a value I hold? And in many cases I'm addressing it immediately and watching the anger dissipate on the spot or  soon after.

In those cases where I'm not addressing it directly, I'm instead putting salve on because it really is an open sore. The salve contains compassion wrapped understanding and sometimes a painful scraping away of conclusion jumps and assumptions.

EFT or Meridian Tapping has been one of multitude of things I'm using. It works. It looks odd yes and it works for me. I still won't do an entire sequence in public and I'm okay with that.

I at least will do the karate chop on my hands to remind me to feel the new vibrations, those not associated with anger. Doing even that much is like striking a tuning fork and setting it on a sensitive part of your body.

Anger has it's own set of vibrations. Those vibrations and I have been so in tune with each for so long, that even a small reminder that other vibrations exist is enough to change the pitch a sixteenth note. Who would have thought a 16th note could make that much of a difference?

Where ever you are in the journey of making your music, may you always hear the sound of change.

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